5 Tips To Make a Room Look Bigger With The Right Flooring

Picking the right flooring for a smaller room in your home can make it look bigger.  Here are 6 tips on how you can make a room in your home look bigger with proper flooring choices:

1. Go with Darker Colors

One of the biggest misconceptions with color for interior decorating is that brighter means bigger. This is not the case with flooring. In fact, when you combine dark flooring with the ideal wall color, it actually makes the room look much more spacious. We recommend going with a darker tone for your flooring, such as an oak or walnut color, while going with a cooler tone for your walls, ceiling, trim, and molding.

2. Be Sure to Place Flooring Diagonally

Optical illusions are always fun and this is exactly what diagonal placement does when it comes to flooring. The diagonal placement tricks the eyes into thinking a space is larger than it really is. And, the good news is that this applies to all types of flooring.

3. Always Use Larger Tiles

A rule of thumb: The size of the room will appear bigger if the flooring itself is larger. This is why you should always use larger tiles in smaller spaces if you are going with hardwood or tiled flooring option.

If you prefer carpet instead of hardwood or tile flooring, you can still make a small room appear bigger by using large patterned carpet tiles instead of using wall-to-wall carpeting. You can place these in a diagonal pattern with the widest part facing the door.

4. Reduce Storage to Make the Floor Visible

While storage is a must for many rooms within a home, you can find other means to store extra items besides placing it on the floor. You can install shelving, closet space, or pantries to help free up space on the flooring. The more storage you have on the floor, the smaller the room will appear.

5. Keep Flooring Consistent Throughout

While people like to have rooms with different styles to have distinctions between the various rooms, rooms will appear bigger when you keep consistent flooring throughout the rooms. Even if you want to change the flooring materials, be sure to keep the pattern and design similar to ensure the rooms appear more spacious than they really may be.

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