Custom Interior Doors

Looking for a quick, easy way to update your interior design? Install high-quality custom doors from JC Floors Plus. Doors are one of the main focal points in any given space. They define the sense of style within a room and are generally the first reference that any given person sees when they walk into your home.

Freshening up your house with custom interior doors will offer a new perspective and polish without costing a fortune. While most people think there are limited customized designs available, JC Floors Plus offers a large assortment of custom built doors, materials, and opening mechanisms to provide variety.

No matter what style you are looking for — or where you are looking to install — JC Floors delivers options.

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Custom Door Types — From Traditional to Awe-Inspiring Design

TruStile DSC4166 Single Door

Single Slab

Pick your size, your material, and your texture. Customized doors mean that you can create the exact style you want for every room in your house. This more traditional option adds flair and elegance while maintaining a conventional look.

TruStile FL1500 French Door

French Doors

Nothing says class like a beautiful pair of custom built French doors from JC Floors Plus. The picturesque glass panes provide light and aesthetic appeal.

TruStile TM9130 Pivot Door

Pivot Doors

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, pivot doors are the perfect switch up. These doors open around a vertical axis located anywhere within the width of the slab.

TruStile VG2020 Bypass Door

Bypass Doors

Great for tight areas, bypass doors maximize space in small apartments and closets. When a regular door won’t do the job, outfit the area with a bypass custom door from JC Floors Plus.

TruStile TM61000 Barn Doors

Barn Doors

Among the most popular new styles are sliding doors. Stay up-to-date by installing the trendy design in your basement, main floor, or upstairs. Creating a more functional space in your larger rooms is a breeze with these custom built doors.

TruStile TS1000 Pocket Door

Pocket Doors

Concealed tracks and hardware provide a flawless design with all the benefits of a sliding door.

Bi-Fold Door

Bi-Fold Doors

Is it time to update your kitchen? Get a bi-fold door for the pantry. Again, custom built doors complete the transformation from old and tired to new and fresh.

Arched Round Top Door

Arched Doors

Perhaps no style is more unique than an arched door. They can be used effectively across different architectural styles; from Mediterranean to Colonial.

TruStile TS4100 Dutch Door

Dutch Doors

Improve the functionality of any space by adding a Dutch door. The distinctive opening combines convenience and style for a chic blend.

The Best Custom Interior Doors

Custom Interior Doors Fort Lauderdale

Design Consistency 

For those looking to keep the design consistent throughout the entire home, replacing all of the interior doors at once is an ideal solution. Even if you do not have all of the doors matching exactly, you can install new casings that will give the appearance that the doors match so everything looks consistent when it comes to the overall design of the home.

Customized Style and Themes

In addition to keeping the design consistent, you can also install new interior doors that are customized to your style, theme, and preferences for your home. For example, you can install new interior doors that follow a more modern look and feel, or you can install doors that have more of a rustic look and feel to them. Adding your own personal touch to the style of your interior doors will allow you to be happy with the overall look and feel of your home.

Energy Efficiency

What many homeowners do not fully realize is that new doors can actually add energy efficiency to your home in a few different ways.

First, installing new doors allows for a new tight seal with the floor to be installed which seals off rooms that are not used on a regular basis and seals off the outside. You can also install insulated or solid doors to prevent cool air or heat from going in and out.

Second, you can leave a little gap between the door and floor for bedrooms and bathrooms. This gap allows for the HVAC system to perform more efficiently and cost-effectively, while still maintaining privacy when the doors are closed.

Increased Privacy 

When you install new custom doors, you can choose whether or not you wish to have a gap between the floor and the door. If you want additional privacy, then you can decide not to place a gap between the two. You can also choose to install doors in areas where there may not have a been a door previously for added privacy and security.

Enjoy exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and custom built doors when you work with JC Floors Plus. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a contractor, we provide you with fast quotes and a helpful reference guide for a pain-free ordering and buying process.

Why remodel your whole house when you can upgrade your interior design with a few new doors? Select a style you like, a color and texture that flows, and a suitable material to reinvent any room in your house. Nobody makes custom door installation easier and more affordable than JC Floors Plus.