Laminate Flooring Style Variations

Laminate floors are a popular flooring option, and there are numerous benefits why laminate wood floors might be the right material for your home or business.

What styles are available when using laminate flooring?

When you choose a laminate floor, you can achieve the beauty of a solid hardwood floor without the price tag that comes with it. JC Floors Plus offers laminate flooring options with a beautiful matte finish, in colors ranging from teak, pine, maple, and hickory, to the rich color variants of hemlock, walnut, and oak. The natural wood-look and texture bring elegance to your décor. Whether you’re looking for flooring for an office or a living room, you’ll find something to suit your taste and decor.

Style Variations

Laminate flooring provides the rich look of hardwood at a lower price point because it is made of wood by-products bonded together using resins. The core is a stiff fiberboard, and the surface is the design layer, which is a printed image of the wood-look on a solid plastic laminate.


Laminate wood floors are easy to maintain. You can use a dust mop, steam mop, or use a broom when cleaning laminate flooring. You can even use a vacuum, providing your vacuum has a setting for hardwood floors. You should never use a wet mop on your laminate floor, however, and you’ll want to keep water and spills off laminate to keep your floor in perfect shape!


Laminate flooring provides great durability. It resists scratches and scrapes from daily wear, and it is suitable for pet-friendly homes. Laminate floors resist fading well, so even in a sun-drenched living room, your floors will maintain their rich color over the years.

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