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Tile Flooring

While many customers hear “tile” and think of tile flooring, tile truly has a variety of uses, such as walls, countertops, showers, and even tabletops!

Our large selection of tile offers the look and feel you want for any application or décor. Wood-looking, concrete, stone, and marble tile flooring are popular choices for many homes and businesses, not only because of the beautiful, contemporary look, but also because of the practicality of floor tiles for heavy foot traffic, pet owners, and the ease of maintenance.

Types of Tile – What Types of Floor Tiles Are There?

There are many types of material to choose from when it comes to selecting your floor tile. You can see that at JC Floors Plus, we offer a wide and varied selection! Let’s review a few of the most popular options for tile flooring.

Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tile is closely related to ceramic tile, as they are both made of similar, natural clay products. Porcelain tiles are stronger and denser than ceramic tiles; however, and with a water absorption rate of just .05%, they are a great option for wet areas.

Ceramic Tile – Like porcelain tile, ceramic tile is also made of natural clays and fired in a kiln to take on its final shape. Ceramic tiles are strong and easy to clean, making them one of the most popular tiles among consumers. They’re also a more budget-friendly choice than their porcelain tile relative.

Vinyl Tile– Vinyl tiles are a popular tile often used in bathrooms. They’re easy to install, and not prone to breaking or cracking. There is a range to the material used for vinyl, allowing you to choose the right tile for your budget. Vinyl provides a lot of versatility in the color and patterns available.

Marble Tile– Marble tiles are 100% natural. A truly luxe option, they provide a rich and elegant look. Because they are more porous than other commonly used floor tiles, they require more care.

Stone Tile– Stone tile can refer to many different types of natural stone, such as marble, slate, limestone, quartz, and travertine.  Building with stone is time-tested and provides a unique look and feel. Stone tile is an upscale choice and will require additional care and expert installation.

If you’d like to find out more about the types of tile flooring offered at JC Floors Plus, contact us, visit one of our Florida showrooms, or call 1.855.JCFPLUS.