Kauri Catlins Polished 8 x 48 Porcelain Wood Look Tile

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Kauri Catlins Polished 8 x 48
Porcelain Wood Look Tile Made in Italy

The Kauri Catlins Polished 8 x 48 Porcelain Wood Look Tile comes in a beautiful textured matte finish, as well as a perfectly polished surface finish. The extra wide and long planks can provide a series of modern patterns that will make any room look amazing. Designed and manufactured in Italy by La Fabbrica under strict quality controls that significantly reduce the bowing rate that is inherent to porcelain tile manufacturing. This floor is more than adequate for high traffic areas in residential applications, and even on commercial settings. This tile comes with rectified edges to provide an even surface look on the joints or grout lines. The manufacturer recommends installing the planks with an offset of 25% or less to minimize the bowing ratio. A 15-20% offset is optimal to achieve a real hardwood pattern. You can achieve regular staggered patterns or herringbone patterns with this product.

This collection is inspired by New Zealand’s Kauri Wood, one of the most exclusive woods in the world. This wood it’s obtained from trees buried underground for more than 50,000 years that have been preserved by layers of sediments on top of them. These trees may have fallen due to cataclysmic events that took place millenniums ago and are yet unexplained due to the estrange conditions of the sites where they are found. There’s no doubt that these trees hold a sense of beauty and historic uniqueness to them.

Product Overview

  • Each plank is 8 inches wide and 48 inches long.
  • Each box contains 5 tiles for a total coverage of 12.92 sq ft and weighs 61.38 lbs.
  • There are 42 boxes and 542.64 square feet per pallet. Each pallet weighs approximately 2580 lbs.
  • Rectified edges provide an even surface look on the joints or grout lines.
  • These tiles come with a beautifully polished, mirror like finish.
  • The variation from plank to plank is extremely visible.
  • Excellent for high traffic areas for residential purposes. Suitable for high traffic areas in commercial settings.
  • This tile is frost resistance. A maximum offset of 25% is recommended by the manufacturer. Do not install in brick pattern or 50% offset.
  • When installing this floor, a minimal grout line of 1/8 in. is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Doing a 1/16 in. grout line or smaller can cause some unevenness or lippage between tiles if not done properly.
  • Can be installed using multi-purpose thin-set or regular mortar.

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 4 in

Residential, Commercial

Box Weight

62 lbs


Grey Body

Country of Origin


Box Coverage

12.92 sq ft



Edges Type

Rectified (Square)

Surface Finish



Floor, Outdoor, Shower, Wall

Boxes per Pallet

42 boxes

Pallet Coverage

542.64 sq ft

Pallet Weight

2650 lbs

Pieces per Box

5 pieces


HD Inkjet

Actual Size

20 x 120 cm

Nominal Size

8 x 48 in




3/8 in (10 mm)

Shade Variation

V4 (High)

Print Variations

Up to 50 Variations



Porcelain and ceramic tiles are extremely durable under normal use. Porcelain tiles are non-porous which makes them highly stain resistant. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very low maintenance; common household spills are easy to clean with the use of a mop, warm water, and a pH neutral cleaner. Do not use acidic cleaners on porcelain or ceramic products. Grout is easily stained. We recommend the use of a grout sealer or a polymer based grout material during installation for the highest stain resistance. Mop your floors at least every other week to prevent grout stains and dirt buildup.



All images are representative of a product’s potential characteristics and are only meant to provide and overall look of the product. Because colors and shading vary on different screens, we do not guarantee that these images will 100% match the actual product. Tiles are subject to variations in color, shade, sizing, surface texture and finish. Field tiles and corresponding trims and accessories may not match 100%.


The maximum allowable installation offset is 20% unless otherwise indicated. Always install with a grout line. No claims will be considered when the product is installed without grout lines. Minimum grout joint must be 1/8 inch. We strongly recommend the use of a leveling system during installation. Do not use the product on pools, spas, hot tubs and/or submerged applications unless otherwise specifically indicated. Please refer to the TCNA Handbook for the latest porcelain and ceramic tile installations guidelines.

Prior to installation, installer must blend tiles from several different boxes to achieve an even distribution of color range and to avoid or minimize pattern repetition. Installer must conduct a dry mock layout under proper lighting conditions prior to installation. It is the consumer’s responsibility to inspect the product prior to installation to ensure satisfaction. All products are deemed accepted once installed.

We reserve the right to make changes to product specifications at any time without notice.


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Marisol Medranda
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