Tips for Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floors

If you have engineered hardwood floors in your home, you’ve probably appreciated the charm and elegance they bring to the room. Marrying the beauty of solid hardwood with durability and a resistance to moisture, these floors are on the rise in homes and businesses. As the proud owner of an engineered hardwood floor, you’ll want to keep your floors looking their best. But, if you find dust, dirt, or pet-hair starting to gather, you may be asking, how do I go about cleaning engineered hardwood floors?

The good news is that keeping your floors clean does not have to be a chore! Follow these tips and you’ll find cleaning engineered hardwood floors to be a breeze.

Make it a routine

To avoid the pileup of dirt and debris on your floor, plan to clean your engineered hardwood floor regularly. Daily cleaning is always best, but for many people, that’s a little out of reach. Determine how much traffic your floor sees and make a plan from there. A room that gets daily use may need cleaned every day or every other day, but a room that is seldom used may be able to squeak by with only bi-weekly or weekly cleanings.

Keep your supplies on hand

Cleaning your engineered hardwood floor is easy to do when you have the right supplies. Make sure your cleaning cupboard is stocked with the items you need to keep your floors looking fabulous. You’ll want to have a hand-broom, a vacuum, and a microfiber cloth. The hand-broom is good for cleaning up large pieces of dirt, pet-hair, or debris, as well as reaching into corners. The vacuum can be used to cover the majority of the room with ease. However, if using a vacuum, make sure you use a hardwood setting so the rotating bristles do not scratch your floor. Finally, the microfiber cloth is good for buffing off any stains or spills.

Wipe with the grain

When cleaning engineered hardwood floors, wipe with the grain, rather than against it. Just like a solid hardwood floor, the wood-grain texture can trap dirt. Wiping in the same direction as the grain will help to give your floor a deep clean.

Don’t use wet-mops or steam-mops

One of the beautiful benefits about engineered hardwood floors is that they are more resistant to moisture than solid hardwood. However, you want to avoid any prolonged exposure to water. A wet-mop should not be used when cleaning your engineered hardwood floor. If you wish to use a mop, opt for a dry, microfiber mop. Similarly, you should avoid using steam mops. These can force moisture into the engineered hardwood, getting between the seams and into the floor’s core.

Don’t use the wrong products

It’s not necessary to use special products on your engineered hardwood floors. While you may have other cleaning products on hand, don’t assume they can be used on engineered hardwood. You should avoid using vinyl cleansers, vinegar, ammonia, or wax-based cleansers when cleaning engineered hardwood floors. If you’re set on using a special cleanser, check your local hardware store for a cleanser made specifically for engineered hardwood.

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