Top 10 COREtec Plus Flooring Advantages

COREtec Plus is a world-class brand of luxury vinyl plank flooring (also referred to as LVP). The cutting-edge design of these floors provides you with durability, strength, style, and—perhaps most importantly—a truly waterproof floor. These gorgeous floors come in a variety of styles and can stand up to heavy foot traffic. Whether you’re looking for flooring for your home or business, you’ll find something to like in COREtec Plus floors.

This revolutionary flooring provides many benefits to the consumer— so many, that we decided to make a list! Here are our top 10 advantages to choosing COREtec Plus floors:

COREtec Advantage #1 – The Styles

COREtec Plus is luxury vinyl, but it comes in many different styles and can be made to look like engineered hardwood, tile, stone, or concrete.  Because it is made with real texture, graining, and beveled edges, COREtec Plus floors look like real hardwood—much more so than laminate flooring. With the wood look, the planks are randomized so the overall floor will look like a real hardwood pattern. There are also extra wide and extra long plank styles.

COREtec Advantage #2 – The Colors

Coretec Plus flooring is available in a range of colors and tones, from white and light greys, to dark, rich browns.  Some of the COREtec color options include: Rocky Mountain Oak, Deep Smoked Oak, Gold Coast Acacia Ivory Coast Oak, Boardwalk Oak, Blackstone Oak, and Alabaster Oak.  With so many choices, you’ll be sure to find the look and style that’s perfect for your flooring project.

COREtec Advantage #3 – The Construction

COREtec Plus has a patented design structure that sets it apart from other LVP options on the market. Each COREtec Plus plank is made up of four layers. The outermost layer is the clear wear layer. This protects the floor from scratches and normal wear and tear. It also makes the floor easy to clean and maintain. Beneath the wear layer is the luxury vinyl. This is what you’ll see when you look at your completed floor, and has the color, graining, and design. The core of the plank is made from recycled wood and bamboo, limestone, and virgin PVC. Finally, the bottom layer is a cork underlayment.

COREtec Advantage #4 – The Cork Underlay

What makes the cork layer of COREtec Plus special? Having this cork layer adds insulation to the floor; this means your floor will remain warmer than other flooring materials (which is good news for cold toes!). The cork also helps to absorb sound, making your floors quieter.  

This underlayment will also help to disguise any minor imperfections in your subfloor. The cork is resistant to mildew and mold, which helps protect your family from the negative effects of these allergens.  

COREtec Advantage #5 – 100% Waterproof

Perhaps the biggest reason to love COREtec Plus flooring is that it is 100% waterproof. This makes it an optimum choice for rooms that often see (or might see) water, such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more. With a COREtec Plus floor, your planks will never swell, warp, or buckle when exposed to water. All four layers of its patented design are totally waterproof!

COREtec Advantage #6 – The Warranty

COREtec Plus is produced by US Floors. COREtec Plus floors come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’re protected from faulty flooring. (You can read more about the specifics of the warranty on US Floor’s site).

Additionally, COREtect plus is GREENGUARD certified, which means it meets rigorous chemical emissions standards. It’s also Phthalate-free!

COREtec Advantage #7 – The Installation

Another benefit of COREtec Plus flooring is that it allows for a smooth and easy installation process. COREtec Plus is a floating floor made with a click system (similar to laminate flooring). Because it is a floating floor, this means you do not need to nail or glue it down, like other types of flooring. COREtec can be installed directly over your base floor, and if you have minor imperfections in the subfloor, COREtec will mask these.  

Due to their patented construction, COREtec planks do not require time to acclimate to your room, so you do not need to wait to get started on your installation! If you’re comfortable doing your own flooring installation (especially if you’ve previously installed a clickable floor, such as laminate), you’ll be equipped to handle a COREtec Plus install!

COREtec Advantage #8 – The Maintenance

These floors are beautifully simple to maintain. Thanks to the clear wear layer, your floors not only stay protected, but they also wipe up easily. To keep dust and debris off your COREtec Plus, simply use the tool of your choice—a hand broom, vacuum, or dust mop.

For days you want a deeper clean, you can also mop your COREtec Plus floor. Opt for a microfiber mop to protect your floor from any scratches.

COREtec Advantage #9 – The Value

COREtec Plus gives you the perfect package in one product. Not only can you find a floor that looks like engineered hardwood, tile, or stone (without shelling out the money for solid hardwood or natural stone!), but you’re also getting a 100% waterproof floor. You might think such a dream product would break the bank, but there are many affordable options in the COREtec lines. While it is more expensive than laminate, you’re getting a much better bang for your buck as these floors are waterproof (unlike laminate) and are made to last.

COREtec Advantage #10 – The Sublines

In the COREtec family, you’ll find four sublines of flooring:

  • COREtec Plus: This is the original line, with 100% waterproof LVP in 5” and 7” wide. The plans are 4 feet long.
  • COREtec Plus XL: This newer line has even wider planks (9” wide) and the planks are extra long as well (6 feet long).
  • COREtec Plus HD: This style uses a registered embossing process that gives you the most realistic wood-look, due to the true wood-grain texture and style.  Planks in this line are 7″ wide and 6 ft long, and the planks are a little thicker than the other sublines. This is the premium line, and will cost a little more, but has beautiful results.
  • COREtec One: This is the most budget-friendly line. You can get the COREtec look and waterproof floors for less! However, this line does not come with the cork underlayment, which can mean more subfloor prep for you, and you may end up needing to purchase your own underlayment.

Are you ready for a gorgeous floor that is also 100% waterproof? Find out if COREtec Plus flooring is right for you! With so many styles, you can find a COREtec floor that suits any room. Come visit JC Floors Plus at either of our Florida showrooms, or call us at:

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