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Waterproof Floors

If you need flooring for a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or basement, you will want to consider your options for waterproof flooring. While many materials can hold up under the occasional spill (provided it is cleaned up quickly), any room that will be exposed to water repeatedly, and especially those that may be exposed to standing water, need to have a waterproof floor.

Waterproof Flooring – Which Materials Will Work?

Even when you need a waterproof floor, you’ll still have many options when it comes to choosing the material and style you want. Some of the top choices include:

Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tiles are strong, dense, and with a water absorption rate of just .05%, they make excellent waterproof flooring. Porcelain tile comes in lots of colors, styles, and shapes. You can even select stone or wood-look porcelain. You won’t find your style options limited when choosing porcelain tile!

Waterproof Vinyl Tile Vinyl is an affordable option that will allow you to create a waterproof floor without exceeding your budget. Sheet vinyl allows for an installation with very few seams, which means fewer opportunities for water to literally “slip through the cracks.” Luxury vinyl plank flooring will provide you with more style options, as you can even choose to use wood or stone-look tiles.

In today’s market, you’ll also find waterproof composite flooring, sometimes referred to as WPC, for waterproof core. Waterproof composite flooring is made up of layers. There is a backing later (the base of your plank), a waterproof core, a printed vinyl layer (which allows you to customize the style and look of the tile), and the wear layer, which helps protect your floor from scratches, dents, and other daily wear and tear.

Natural Stone Natural stone is a luxury option for creating a waterproof floor. Strong and dense, natural stones like granite, marble, slate, and limestone easily withstand exposure to water. They are a stylish option, provided your budget is ample enough to accommodate this choice.

Waterproof Floors – What Style Choices Are There?

When you make the decision to use waterproof flooring, you aren’t limiting your style choices. You can achieve many different looks with your waterproof floor, such as:

  • Wood-look
  • Tile-look
  • Multi-tone

You can find waterproof flooring in a range of colors from whites and light greys, to warm, rich browns.

Depending on the room and the look, you can search for your waterproof flooring by the size of the planks, the thickness of the wear layer, the thickness of the flooring itself, or the type of edge you want.

You’ll also be able to select a matte, satin, or textured finish.

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