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Showing 1–32 of 91 results

South Florida Wholesale Waterproof Flooring, Tile, Engineered Wood & More

In South Florida, waterproof flooring is becoming more and more popular due to its durability and stylish appearance.

One of the biggest advantages to waterproof vinyl flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain because it repels spills, leaks, and stains. When a spill occurs, you are able to simply wipe it away. And, if you want a more thorough clean of your floors, you can use a steam cleaner or mop over the flooring.

When you have children and pets, there are often accidents that can happen that lead to spills or other forms of leakage. The good thing about Fort Lauderdale waterproof floors is that you can relax a bit more knowing these spills will not hurt your flooring and add costly expenses to fixing damages. In addition, waterproof flooring has a strong coat that prevents damage from scratches and scuffs.

JC Floors Plus Carries A Variety Of Waterproof Flooring in South Florida

Visit us at our Lauderdale Lakes or Pompano Beach locations for one of the largest selections of waterproof flooring in South Florida.