What Makes Fortem a Hot Find for Waterproof Floors?

Waterproof floors are a hot commodity in the industry. What does it mean for flooring to be considered waterproof? It means that no matter how much or how long the flooring is exposed to water, it will remain undamaged. Pretty incredible, right? If you’ve ever dealt with unsightly warping of a floor that was exposed to an unfortunate spill, a beloved pet’s accident, or, worst of all, flood waters, you’ve seen the effects that water can have on a floor. With Fortem waterproof floors, you will never have to worry about what happens when your floor is exposed to water.

The Composition of Fortem Waterproof Floors

Fortem waterproof flooring is an engineered composite waterproof flooring, which can also be referred to as WPC Vinyl flooring (for waterproof core or wood-plastic composite). 

All Fortem waterproof floors have a 20 mil wear layer. The wear layer is a protective barrier that keeps your floor looking fabulous. It can prevent stains, scratches, and discoloration. Fortem states that with normal use, the wear layer can last a last a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want years of durable, Fortem waterproof floors?

The vinyl later of the flooring provides comfort and durability. All Fortem’s vinyl is 100% virgin vinyl, allowing them to provide a superior durability and texture. It also means that Fortem waterproof flooring is phthalate-free.

The heart of the flooring is, of course, the waterproof core. Fortem waterproof floors have wood-plastic composite with a high-polymer content. Fortem’s core boasts an exceptional rigidity. This, in turn, allows for thinner planks, which are then able to be installed over other flooring without excess thickness.

What Makes Fortem Waterproof Floors Different?

Fortem was created to allow for a 100% waterproof floor without some of the drawbacks of other types of water-resistant and waterproof flooring.

Fortem waterproof flooring uses an Emboss in Register (or E.I.R) process. This process allows each plank to not only look like real wood grain, but also to provide a natural, soft texture. Your Fortem waterproof floor will look like solid hardwood—but without the weakness to water!

All the materials used by Fortem are carefully selected in order to guarantee quality. Not only is their virgin vinyl phthalate-free, but their WPC core is also certified for zero formaldehyde emissions.

Because Fortem waterproof flooring uses an interlocking system, installation is easy! DIY lovers can rejoice, as there is no need for special equipment to obtain a truly waterproof floor.

Fortem offers multiple collections to suite your tastes. You can get a gorgeous wood-look and an elegant matte finish. Fortem waterproof flooring comes in a range of shades, from light whites, greys, and blondes, to rich, deep browns.

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