What Styles are Available for Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Porcelain tile has seen a sharp increase in popularity over the last several years—and with good reason! Porcelain tile is a great choice for any consumer. It is durable, presents a myriad of style options, and is easy to maintain.

One of the benefits of choosing porcelain tile is the many different styles you can achieve – for any room in your house or building.

Porcelain tile planks are made from high-quality materials, and it can be purchased in a large variety of plank sizes and colors. Another versatile option with porcelain tile is that they are often designed to look like another material in order to get that ideal style or decor for any application.

There are many different porcelain tile material styles available:

  • Wood-look porcelain tile
  • Concrete-look porcelain tile
  • Marble-look porcelain tile
  • Stone porcelain tile
  • Multi-tone porcelain tile

As you can see, if you choose porcelain floor tiles, you aren’t limited to creating one type of finished product. Within each category, you’ll find many different shades and sizes. For instance, our wood-looking porcelain tile comes in two sizes and many shades of wood, from slate gray, to a natural blonde, to a rich, dark wood color. This means you always have options upon options when choosing porcelain!

What are the benefits of porcelain floor tiles?

We could talk at length about the benefits of porcelain tile, but let’s just highlight some of the key benefits you get when using porcelain for your project.

Porcelain tile is extremely durable! It is thick, dense, and nearly completely water-proof! It resists chips and scratches, which makes it perfect for areas with a lot of foot-traffic, as well as homes with pets. It will not change color or fade. It’s not easy to chip porcelain, but should the worst occur, the chip will be less noticeable because porcelain has “through-body color,” meaning that the porcelain tile is the same color all the way through.

Ease of care
Porcelain tile is easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain doesn’t require any harsh products or special cleansers to keep it looking beautiful. You can also use a broom, mop, steam mop, or whatever tool you prefer without worrying about damaging your floor.

As you’ve seen, choosing porcelain provides you with numerous style options. You want wood-look porcelain tile? We’ve got it! Prefer a stone or concrete look? We’ve got that, too! Beyond the material style, there are many sizes, colors, and finishes. Do you want a modern, matte finish? A glossy and polished finish? A satin finish? All this and more are available when you select porcelain tile for your project.

Porcelain Tiling at JC Floors Plus

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